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Bird Netting Services in Mumbai

As a leading bird control experts in the city, we offer environment & budget friendly bird control services to our clients on their premises like buildings, societies, shops, residences and complexes. Our safe and highly effective services completely stop birds like pigeons for landing and nesting in your premises without creating any harm to the birds. We are Mumbai based company which offers effective bird netting services to prevent birds from entering client’s premises no matter residential or commercials..

Nowadays birds like pigeons are creating major irritations to many housing societies and commercial complexes in the working cities. They easily create their nest in any areas of buildings like windows, pipes and many open places in the premises. These pigeons not only create environmental but many health related issues also. Pigeon droppings can spread diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. So as per the requirement of our clients we perform highly effective pigeon control services program to the infected societies and premises.

In our bird netting services we properly clean & sanitize the premises and offer a net cover. Moreover By utilizing various bird catching and trapping equipment we prevent them for making nests in the exterior and interior of the premises. After inspecting the area & finding out the intensity of problem we provide customized pigeon control services to the customers for result oriented service..


1Do you provide end to end comprehensive solutions for Bird problems?

Yes, SSD Pest Bird Netting Services helps you in providing services starting from Free inspection of your site to installations and prompt After-sales service.

2 Is Bird net and Pigeon spikes installation a lasting solution?

Yes, our Bird netting and bird spikes are the same solutions that are used worldwide currently. They do provide a permanent, cost-effective, and most successful solution..

3Can we do installations ourselves?

You can but Anti Bird netting and Bird spikes installation call for skilled training which is done by our professional technicians so please allow us to do. We have separate Pigeon netting teams for Residential and Industrial purposes..

4What about the quality of your products?

Our Bird control products are of the highest quality that is available in the market, to give an example; the nets we use are manufactured under strict 6 sigma compliances, they are completely weatherproof, rot proof, U.V. stabilized, and chemically inert. Our nets have a breaking strength of 23.08 kg per yarn and a melting point of 260 degrees centigrade..

5 Are your services reasonably priced?

Yes, we offer services of Residential Bird Netting and Industrial Bird Proofing which are highly cost-effective. .

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