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Rat Guard Services in Amravati

A lot of damage is caused by rats. As their teeth continue to grow over time, they bite or nibble on hard substance such as plastic pipes, insulating materials or any other substance. This action of rats can increase the risk of short circuit and fires..


Rats normally occur at night to hide from humans. Let us see the typical signs of a rat problem that we experience in the home.


Scratching noise

You will hear some noises in the wall or under the floor.



leave dark and tapered droppings in the house.


Ripped food packaging

Rats are responsible for opening food in the house if they are not kept in proper place.


Distinctive Smell

Rat leaves ammonia type smell which is strong andcomes from enclosed areas such as under cupboards.


Rats infestation can lead to potential harms to home and business. Rats spread infections such as salmonella, Hantavirus and leptospirosis. Besides, they also transmit tapeworms and fungal skin infection. Here are few things you can follow to protect and prevent your home from rats.

➞ Clean your refrigerators and cookers frequently.

➞ Have a habit of placing waste in bins to avoid contact with the rats.

➞ Check all the pipes in your home to make sure that the rats haven’t made a home to live there.

➞ Get rid of any pet meals stored at your home. If you are pet freak, make a habit of storing them in closed lid container.


1Do you provide end to end comprehensive solutions for Bird problems?

Yes, SSD Pest Bird Netting Services helps you in providing services starting from Free inspection of your site to installations and prompt After-sales service.

2 Is Bird net and Pigeon spikes installation a lasting solution?

Yes, our Bird netting and bird spikes are the same solutions that are used worldwide currently. They do provide a permanent, cost-effective, and most successful solution..

3Can we do installations ourselves?

You can but Anti Bird netting and Bird spikes installation call for skilled training which is done by our professional technicians so please allow us to do. We have separate Pigeon netting teams for Residential and Industrial purposes..

4What about the quality of your products?

Our Bird control products are of the highest quality that is available in the market, to give an example; the nets we use are manufactured under strict 6 sigma compliances, they are completely weatherproof, rot proof, U.V. stabilized, and chemically inert. Our nets have a breaking strength of 23.08 kg per yarn and a melting point of 260 degrees centigrade..

5 Are your services reasonably priced?

Yes, we offer services of Residential Bird Netting and Industrial Bird Proofing which are highly cost-effective. .

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