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The bed bugs are tough to distinguish. Therefore, you need to know the essential features to identify the bed bugs.

  • Generally, the bed bugs appear to be the size of an apple seed. The long and brown and oval shape of the body mainly comes at the size of the 5-7 mm long.
  • Elongated and the color of the bed bugs are generally coming in between the red and brown
  • The bugs are smelly, and you may get the ‘musty-sweetish’ odor from the bugs.
  • The life cycle of the bed bugs usually revolves around the fifth stage of the nymph
  • To the untrained eye, the bed bugs are complicated to trace at the different locations of the house. In addition to that, you need to understand that bed bugs can quickly multiply within six months.
  • Therefore, early detection is crucial and most importantly, the detection at the first stage of the breeding life cycle can control the bed bugs. However, the pest control has taken some effective measurements to prevent the attack of the bed bugs.
  • The first and foremost stage of the bed bugs control is that assess the area with the pest control professionals. After the inspection, a proper infestation is required to control the bed bugs. The cleaning up the clutter and the anti-bed bug control chemical can help to prevent the attack of this insect.
  • Third and the most important thing is to monitor the progress. In a nutshell, the bed bug control is not a daunting task if you hire a right pesticide company for your house.