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The bird problem is a big issue faced by commercial office buildings, factories, warehouses and houses in high rise buildings. The problems associated with birds is now a huge point of concern.Studies have shown that bird droppings are acidic and can transmit diseases, the acidic nature of the droppings can cause structural damage to the buildings in the long run. Pigeon droppings are known to spread diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis.The woes will worsen when these birds will barge in and build their nests inside your bedrooms, balconies and kitchens. Installation of bird nets is the most effective solution to keep away the birds and to avert the problems associated with them.

Bird Nesting Pest Control

Today most residents of housing societies and commercial complexes are facing issues caused by pigeons and other birds. Birds can easily enter and build their nests on windows, pipes, parapets, behind AC units etc. There are not only bothersome, but they can cause a number of health hazards too.Some solutions to get rid of the bird’s nuisance can end up harming the birds and may require regular treatments. By installing the bird control net, you can keep the birds away from your house without harming them.These bird nets are made from a material that is long-lasting, hygienic, value for money and does not harm the birds. The nets have meshes of around 1 inch to 1.5 inches, which help in keeping the birds at bay. Once installed, the birds can never enter the premise.

Working Process

Our highly effective bird netting services prevent birds like pigeons from landing and nesting on your premises without causing any harm to the birds.SSD Pest Control offers customized bird netting services depending on your requirements and the kind of bird menace caused by the birds on the premises. We offer bird netting services for residences, offices, hospitals, hotels etc. Our team of technicians will first visit the premises and understand the problem faced.After a primary inspection of the premises, we offer customized bird net services and install nets according to the size of windows, parapets, etc. We offer the most affordable bird netting services in Mumbai, contact us today to protect your premises from birds menace.

As the leading bird control experts in the city, we offer affordable and environment-friendly pigeon net installation services to our clients on their premises like buildings, societies, shops, residences and complexes.As part of our pigeon net installation services, we first properly clean and sanitize the premises before installing the net cover. After inspecting the premises and surroundings we provide customized pigeon control services to the customers which are highly effective.Get in touch with SSD Pest Control Services. at 9594232394, 9820524866. Our team of well-trained technicians will offer you the best solutions to ensure you live in a pest-free environment.