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The cockroaches are the largest living pests. It has been noted that they are the worst kinds of pests since they wander in our food and also in dirty areas spreading germs and diseases quickly. SSD Pest Control Services Mumbai, follow the standard Cockroach control procedure for terminating their population but more frequent service may be required because of their rapid reproductive rate. At least 95% of the population is eliminated in the first round. If this doesn’t happen then it means that our typical maintenance program has failed leading us to use more rigorous combative measures. For effective termination, placement of cockroach killing substances along junctions and/or in cracks and crevices in or near harborages is essential.

Cockroaches Control

Cockroach, a filthy nocturnal creature adapts at hiding where an infestation gets out of hand before you realise their presence in your home. They are adaptable to survive some days without food or water even without their head at any space in the habitat include kitchens, food serving areas, galleys, behind the skirting-boards, sinks, cupboards, under chairs and tables, cabinets, near refrigerators and ice boxes, loose floor coverings, ducts, pipes, sewers and manholes.The saliva, cuticles, faeces and cast skin acts as allergens that can trigger asthma attacks meanwhile, they themselves act as the carriers of pathogens that causes life threatening diseases.

Working Process

SSD Pest Control Services. service technician will examine the site thoroughly and treat the interior and exterior of your home or office by chemicals and Gel baiting is often used in kitchen and other food processing areas.We will conduct the treatment on regular basis, involves active measures to prevent infestation and proactive measures to avoid re-infestation.

Keep cooking and serving food area clean and dry.Avoid food spills and eliminate food resources.Caulk cracks and openings around doors and windows.Remove excess clutter.The microbes, transferred by this filthy creature will contaminate our food that results into diarrhoea and dysentery.Their excreta or discharge makes bad odour and acts as allergens that led into congestion, cough, sneezing and life- threatening bronchial inflammation. The shed skin, saliva and cuticles also triggers asthma especially in kids.Some cockroach capable to hide themselves in filthy areas as sewage and manhole; during night time, reaching the place where the food we prepared and served.As per WHO, you may be exposed to cholera, typhoid, poliomyelitis even leprosy due to this pathogen carrier.