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Mosquitoes are true flies in the order Diptera. Mosquito wings, like all true flies, have scales. Female mosquito mouthparts form a long, piercing, sucking proboscis. Females have feathery antennae and mouthparts that are not suitable for piercing skin. The primary food of a mosquito is nectar or a similar sugar source. Mosquito control can be divided into two categories: individual and public. It is usually done in accordance with the Integrated Mosquito Control Management (IMM) concept. IMM is based on ecological, economic, and social criteria, and it combines methods from different fields to make practical and effective pest management plans that protect public health and the environment and make people’s lives better..

A single mosquito bite may make you restless throughout the night. If efficient steps are not taken at the right time, mosquitoes can be uncontrollable.So, how to control mosquitoes, and prevent the chances of getting infected with their bites? The answer for this is to book mosquito control services from an experienced pest control service provider like SSD Pest Control..

Mosquito control begins with a thorough assessment of the site, with special attention paid to sources of standing water near the affected structure. To eliminate mosquito populations, we use a larvicide in conjunction with an adulticide. Larvicides are used to prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into adults in standing water where mosquitos lay their eggs. Adulticides are used to eliminate biting and breeding adults. Depending on the level of infestation, your state-licensed specialist will recommend treatments to reduce your mosquito population. A larvicidal treatment will be applied to sources of standing water where mosquitos breed. To prevent adult mosquitoes from establishing themselves, we use a long-lasting adulticide spread treatment near the water in the vegetation structure..

One of the most deadly insects that human encounters on everyday basis the mosquitoes. we aim to provide effective measures for the mosquitoes. Basically, the mosquitoes suck the human blood for food and they are a very well known vectors that spreads dangerous disease. we help effectively give many controllable measures to control the same thing. our methodology entails . Especially for specialised pests like mosquitoes, specific treatments and experience are required to cope with the mosquito menace effectively.

Types of mosquito problem


Anopheles Mosquito

The development from egg to adult takes only between 6-10 days. The female will lay between 60-150 eggs after a blood meal. Anopheles mosquitoes commonly bite at night and rest indoors and outdoors during the day. Anopheles mosquitoes are transmitters of Malaria.


Aedes Mosquitoes

Unlike above mentioned species, Aedes mosquitoes are active during the day and they breed in clean water in man-made containers such as flower vases, water accumulation in tyres and cans. In India, Aedes mosquitoes are responsible for Chikungunya and Dengue. Their development from egg to mosquito is quite rapid (6-8 days)..


Culex Mosquitoes

Culex mosquitoes are transmitters of Japanese B Encephalitis, a very dangerous type of brain fever. They bite at night and rest before and after blood meals. Culex breeds in polluted stagnant water, and is a major pest problem in urban areas and metropolises of India, where it breeds in drains.

Why should you choose SSD Pest for Mosquito Control ?

Trust SSD Pest Pest Control for complete mosquito control due to the following impressive reasons:

1. 90 mosquito-free days with just one single service.

2. Wide presence in over 20 Indian cities and still growing.

3. Freedom to open windows 24x7.

4. Safe chemicals approved by Central Insecticides Board.

5. Experienced hygiene experts.

Fogging :

The fogging will be done by using fogger machine, the ultra low volume form chemical is used which is mixed in diesel. Fogging is done at the time of dusk hours as the frequency of mosquito high at that time


1How does pest control get rid of mosquitoes?

Even the best repellents won’t kill the mosquitoes. They will only prevent them from biting you. Pest control is the ultimate solution to get rid of the mosquito menace. Some common techniques used during mosquito pest control are larvicides, adulticides, and spraying. With a good pest control treatment, you get professionals at your service to destroy mosquito breeding grounds in your house. They will also install spray dispensers on your walls to keep the mosquitoes away..

2 How do I permanently keep mosquitoes away ?

Although the market is full of various mosquito control products, trying natural remedies is always a safer option. The following ways will help keep the mosquitoes away permanently:.

1. Prevent stagnant water in and around the house

2. Place mosquito repellent indoor plants

3. Try garlic spray to repel mosquitoes

4. Place soapy water in a dish at different corners of the house to catch and kill the mosquitoes

3How can I control mosquitoes naturally ?

Indians have home remedies for almost everything. The same applies when it comes to how to control mosquitoes. You can get rid of mosquitoes naturally by using the following natural repellents:.

1. Eucalyptus Oilnts

2. Neem Oil

3. Thyme Oil

4. Camphor

5. Citronella Oil

6. Tea Tree Oil

8. Lavender Essential Oil

9. Clove in Lemon

10. Greek Catmint Oil

4What are the five main methods of controlling the mosquito ?

There are several mosquito control methods. The five main methods are:.

1. Source Reduction

2. Larviciding

3. Adulticiding

4. Oil Drip

5. Biocontrol

5 What do the SSD Pest Control professionals use for mosquitoes ?

SSD Pest Control professionals use CIB-approved automatic wall dispensers to repel mosquitoes at your home. Once installed, this dispenser is efficient for up to 3 months in resolving the problem of mosquitoes..

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