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There are 35,000 species of spiders worldwide. Many species of spiders are household pests. All spiders are predators feeding mainly on insects and other small arthropods body divided into two- region viz. cephalothoraxes and abdomen. Four pairs of legs are present. The antenna is absent.

Spiders are predators, paralyzing or killing their prey with venom. They are typically fed by injecting pre digestive fluid into the body of their prey and then suck in the digested liquid food. The spider can survive without food for several weeks to four months.

Most spiders are nocturnal or active at night and will scummy away when disturbed unless they are tending egg sacs of young ones during the day. They usually remain hidden and inactive in cracks, crevices, their webs, etc.


Scope of work :

The cleaning of the cobwebs should be done prior to our spraying treatment from your end.Spider control treatment comprises spraying at the ceiling level and corner of the structure

Wherein the particles of the pesticides sprayed can fall on the products/equipment due to which chances of contamination cannot be ruled out