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Termites also are known as white ants; live in colon workers. Queen controls the colony through King's support. Mud The infestations caused by the termites are huge, clone, fire, flood, etc. They can damage any structure in search of material containing cellulose Ilke, paper & cloths. If mud tubes are seen in the building, wooden structure there will be the problem of termite in that structure. Sometimes infestation will be done to the internal structure but we can't detect it, muddy channels are also not seen. The structure gets totally infested & we can't do anything after the damage of the structure. So to avoid the undetectable infestation treating the premises against termite is very important.

Pre-Termite Control Services

How to choose Termite Control Services at Pre-construction areas? The termite control service in areas of pre-construction of buildings offers excellent service for above 15 years. According to client reviews, termite control service offers the best quality of chemicals and effective methods of treatment. The anti-termite program will help builders in constructing the buildings both in commercial and residential areas free of termites during pre-constructions of the building. The basic method of chemical treatment is to make a chemical barrier surrounding the building to end the termite family from extending any further in and around the building.

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment- (Treatment for ready structure) The Treatment is done by drilling at wall & floor junction as required, filling the holes with anti-termite chemical & sealing the holes with cement. If muddy channels are present, channels are also treated with anti-termite chemicals.


Anti Termite Treatment - Covers Subternmean

Termites For Inside Premises- The inside premises is drilled with a 12mm diameter drill having a 6-inch length, the drilling is done to the effective depth of 4 to 5 inches. The drilled holes are filled with anti-termite chemical and the holes are sealed with cement. Then the muddy channels made by termite are sprayed to kill the live termite inside the muddy channel and after that, the channels are removed and the minute hole from where the termites enter into the premises is Injected with the anti-termite chemical.

For Outside Premises -

The outside wall of the building, columns are drilled with the drill bit having 12-inch length & 12 mm diameter to the depth of 1 ft. If the building is stilt plus, the side corners of the columns are drilled and the holes are filled with the anti-termite chemical. If the mud tubes are seen, the channels are treated with anti-termite chemicals and then removed. All staircase, passage area, and all other common portions are drilled and filled with anti-termite chemicals and sealed with cement.