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Dealing with a bed bug infestation can be a nightmare, but there's a reliable solution at your fingertips. SSD Pest Control Service, a trusted brand in the industry, offers exceptional bed bug pest control services. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ins and outs of bed bug control, highlighting the expertise and effectiveness of SSD Pest Control Service.

SSD pest control Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly serious problem in the India. Bedbugs spread quickly and easily and are difficult to treat. As a result, the number of bedbug outbreaks has increased. Bed bugs are essentially another headache pest that can destroy your paint and bite you instead of your comfortable bed. This is another small but dangerous pest. It is common in beds and bites you if you sleep in one and want to indulge your dreams in a bedridden and painful manner. This type of bed bug is called a bed bug because it lives very close to where people sleep and rest comfortably. This is usually your bed. If you have bed bugs in your room, you need our most effective bed bug treatment. We make every effort to provide each customer with as much comfort as possible through our bed bug fumigation service.

Get the best bed bug pest control in Mumbai from one of the most well-known and well-established pest control companies in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We provide cost-effective pest control for both commercial and residential properties. You should contact us right away if you notice any pests in your home or office because bed bugs are creepy little monsters that can turn your life and home upside down. They feed on the blood of animals and humans. Bed bugs are most active in the summer because temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C provide an ideal breeding environment. This also makes Mumbai’s climate an ideal breeding ground for bed bugs

Bed bugs get their name from the fact that they are commonly found in sleeping beds. They are mostly found in wooden beds, chairs, and other wooden objects because the temperature of wood rarely changes when compared to other metal furniture. Bed bugs are mostly active at night and usually bite people while they are in good sleep. Bed bugs hide in small cracks and crevices during the day and feed on your blood when you’re fast asleep. They feed on your blood by penetrating the skin and sucking blood through a beak for three to ten minutes.

Treatment for Bed Bugs Control ?



Bed bugs typically cluster together in favorable harborage areas. However, some bed bugs will live by themselves, away from the rest of an infestation. The best way to determine if you have an infestation is to look for bed bugs where you sleep (or rest). In bedrooms, look particularly on and around boxsprings, mattresses, bed frames, tufts, folds, and buttons on mattresses, furniture, such as desks and chairs, behind wall paper, clocks and pictures, cracks in wood floors, and under the edge of carpet. If you travel also check your luggage, where you typically set it down when you enter your home and where you store it. While bed bugs are most commonly found in bedrooms, infestations can also occur in other rooms, including: bathrooms; living rooms; and laundry rooms. Dark blood spots on sheets and bedding may indicate bed bug feeding. Bed bugs will sometimes excrete while they are feeding.


Control using heat:

You can use your washing machine and dryer to kill bed bugs that may be infesting clothes. Clothes laundered in hot water and/or dried in temperatures hotter than 122° F for 20 minutes will kill all stages of bed bugs. This is typically the medium-high setting. If you are not sure what temperature you drier can reach, ask a professional to test it for you. You can also sterilize curtains and other fabrics, rugs, shoes, backpacks, stuffed animals, toys, and similar objects by drying them for about 30 minutes (for a full load)..


Control using cold:

Cold temperatures can kill bed bugs if they are exposed to it long enough and at temperatures that are cold enough. If you place objects into a freezer, at 0° F all stages of bed bugs will be killed when they are left in it for 7 to 10 days.It is a common assumption that if you put infested furniture outdoors during winter when it is cold, that the temperatures are sufficient to kill bed bugs. While you will undoubtedly kill some bed bugs, there is no guarantee that you will kill all of them. There is little research that has examined how cold and for what duration you need under those circumstances. The U.S. military believes that if you expose furniture to 0° F or less for four days or more, that may be sufficient.

Advantages And Control & Prevention Tips

1. Eco-friendly and World health organization approved chemical used – Bayer Bed bugs Control

2. This service can be applied during working hours without any disturbance.

3. Always keep your home clean.

4. The heat treatment is one of the best method for bed bugs control.

5. Another control method requires very detailed work, much moving and disassembly of furniture, and specialty equipment.

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